slackergoddess (slackergoddess) wrote in indigoddess,

Hurrah -- I FINALLY got around to making some of the new flavors. Behold the new Indigoddess lip balms: Ginger Peach, Candy Necklace, Chocolate Eclair, and Apples and Oranges! :-D


Chocolate Eclair: This brings to mind an eclair filled with smooth, rich Bavarian cream and topped with chocolate glaze. Mmmm. I'm hungry just thinking about it!

Apples and Oranges: It's spiced apple cider with an orange juice twist!

Ginger Peach: Juicy peach with just a touch of ginger.

And finally...

Candy Necklace: This scent can only be described by mentioning those candy necklaces we used to love when we were kids. You remember, the ones with pastel "beads" of sugar. This balm will bring back memories!

I've also got the makings for Pumpkin, Cheesecake, Buttercream, Chardonnay, Anise, Caramel, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Pistachioo, Bavarian Cream, and a WHOLE slew of others -- contact me for custom balms.
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