slackergoddess (slackergoddess) wrote in indigoddess,

Woohoo... new this week:
  • No longer running low on coconut, chocolate orange cream, and mint chip balms; I have plenty now!
  • New flatter pots are still clear so you can see the balm, but they fit better in your pocket!
  • Tins are back in stock, so order your solid perfume tins today!
  • I only have a few .75oz lotion bar tubes left, so until I order some new ones, they're first come, first served.
  • New perfume fragrances this week: Juniper Breeze Type, Funky Hawaiian Fruit. New flavor: Apricots 'n' cream. Look for those to show up on the site in the next day or two. More new flavors and fragrances coming soon!
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