slackergoddess (slackergoddess) wrote in indigoddess,

New flavor

I did a new batch last night: Green Apple. It turned out quite nicely. I also made a batch of grapefruit lime, but it might be a little bit too jelly-like. Then again, I don't know -- do you guys like pot balms that are solid in consistency but yield if you press your finger in too much? Some people must love it; a few of the high-end brands sell pot balms that are practically liquid.

Anyway, I need to make that batch over again 'cause I used extra-virgin olive oil and I doubt anybody really wants olive-scented balms. ;-) But I did make another nice batch that I'll have to scent and give out in samples; it's got a similar consistency but has a little bit more mango butter and less coconut oil.

And in other news... very, VERY soon, look for glycerine soaps to be added to the site. :-D

Also, I have a TON of essential, flavor and fragrance oils, so if you're interested in having a perfume or balm custom-made, let me know and I'll tell you if I can do it, and if I don't have the oils I'll see if I can get them.
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